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Ballet is a performing art and our ballet program is focused on theatricality and stage productions.  We annually produce a story ballet that showcases the talents of our entire student body.  We study not just ballet technique, but stage presence and artistic expression.



Our preschool dance classes provide students ages 3-5 a fun and engaging first look at the beauty and majesty that ballet brings to the stage.  Our instructors make ballet fun and exciting while introducing these youngsters to a passion for self expression.



As students progress in their motor development and ballet terminology, intricacy is further explored.  Regular study in beginner or intermediate levels of ballet provides these young dancers with a sense of discipline that will carry over into all aspects of their lives.



This hand-picked class is assembled by our instructors for the purpose of preparing dancers for the demands of performing with the Junior Company.


Junior Company

Chosen by audition, these dancers increase their study, are eligible to choreograph, and are given the opportunity to perform more often.  These advanced students begin to flourish as performers when their creative and technical abilities grow.


Senior Company

Chosen by a strict audition process, these dancers are our principal performers.  They are showcased in the plum roles in our story ballets, and become role models for the younger dancers.  Because ballet naturally lends itself to discipline (and at this level, demands excellent time management skills), these lovely ballerinas shoulder the responsibility of their celebrity status with grace.  Senior Company status requires one year of Apprentice status.

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