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For the student who can’t decide whether they want gymnastics or dance, hip hop or tap, jazz or modern, we offer Combination Classes.


At Tip Toes and Taps we offer many combinations classes.  Although offered together, the classes are not blends, rather the subject combinations are offered consecutively.  New offerings include ballet and gymnastics and others.  Traditional class combinations are rooted in ballet and add either tap, jazz, or modern, in various combinations depending on age and ability.


The programs offered at Tip Toes and Taps allow students to enter at any level or style appropriate to their ability and age.  The youngest students are usually started basic gymnastics, with creative movement in ballet or tap combination classes.  This provides the basic foundation of gymnastics as well as dance terminology and movements.


Through using familiar steps, students will develop increased coordination and spatial awareness.  A distinct advantage with combination classes is that students often have not discovered their talents or passions so it is great to expose them to many different things.  Examples are listed below.


Traditional Combinations

Ballet and Tap

Ballet and Jazz

Ballet and Modern

Ballet, Tap, and Jazz

Ballet, Tap, and Modern

Ballet, Jazz, and Modern



Tap and Jazz

Tap and Modern

Jazz and Modern




New Combinations

Tumble and Twirl

Ballet and Gymnastics

Ballet and Hip Hop

Hip Hop and Gymnastics

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