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Our performing dance companies travel to Myrtle Beach, SC  each November for the South Carolina Association of Physical Education, Health, Recreation, and Dance (SCAHPERD) festival to take dance classes from guest teachers, perform, and enjoy each others' company.  The SCAHPERD Convention is held in Myrtle Beach.


SCAHPERD is the South Carolina Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. The organization's mission is as follows: "The Future Professionals of South Carolina provides an opportunity for the growth and development of students through networking with professionals and participation in their professional organization. The association is open to all students who are majoring or have an interest in the professional areas of health, physical education, recreation, dance, sports, athletics, athletic training and sport management."

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According to the SCAHPRD website, “Our mission - to promote health, physical activity and wellness among the state's citizens through effective leadership, professional development, education and advocacy”.


Click here to check our latest calendar of events.

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