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Eleanor’s Attic by Beverlee Nichols, Brad Nichols, and Allison Vanderhoff - a story of a young girl who discovers friendship and adventure in her grandmother's attic mirror.

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One rainy day not too long ago, a girl named Eleanor went to visit her Grandmother.  While snooping around in her Grandmother’s attic, Eleanor found a beautiful locket.  Even after her Grandmother told her not to play with the locket, Eleanor placed the locket around her neck and proceeded to dance around the attic wearing it.  A pesky Troll was watching and stole the locket from Eleanor.  She jumped through the magical mirror in search of him.  She entered a mystical world where she made many new friends, all the while trying to find the Troll and retrieve the stolen locket.  After much searching, she was finally able to locate him with help of her new friends Wolgang the Clockmaker, the Maestro, the Queen, and many other magical characters.  Having learned a valuable lesson, Eleanor returned to the attic where she faced her Grandmother and returned the locket to its rightful owner.

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