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The Experience

Performance for dancers should be more than one unrelated dance following another.  Even in traditional ballet, dancers are performers just like actors in a play.  Students learn timing, showmanship, and the sense of being part of something larger than themselves.


The Audience

We thought that combining a ballet-like performance, complete with plot, sets, costumes, and a real theater would improve the audience’s perception of the art of dance.  Another innovation that has been instituted was to double cast the story-ballet therefore reducing the required length of performances roughly in half… Dads and little brothers—you’re welcome!

The Theater

Our annual story-ballets are performed at the historic Imperial Theater in beautiful downtown Augusta, Georgia.


The Shows

We perform a rotation of 4 shows so the interest level for all involved stays high.  The show collection is comprised of one children’s book adapted for the stage and three original works.


The Soundtrack

The shows are designed for the modern audience.  Unlike in traditional ballets, student dancers/actors and the audience alike benefit from professionally recorded soundtracks that includes voice-over acting.  The audience doesn’t have to speak Italian or guess what is happening in the storyline.  The pre-recorded acting ensures that the show runs without delay due to forgotten lines, as can be the case in many student plays.

The Sets

The Imperial Theater is built to accommodate rapid set changes by raising and lowering backdrops.  Each production features custom painted drops that enhance the telling of each story.  In Lynne Cherry’s, the Great Kapok Tree, we even have a custom made tree the trunk of which is more than 4 feet in diameter and 24 feet tall. 


The Costumes

The costumes enhance the stories we tell… and the stories are diverse.  From rainforest creatures such as colorful tree frogs, to beautiful ballerina-like winged fairies, get swept up in the exotic and magical.

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