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What does my child need to wear for dance class?  They will need a leotard and tights with the appropriate shoes for the style of dance.  Solid colors are preferred, but not required.  Skirts, “booty” shorts, or cheer shorts over leotard and tights are permitted.  In the cooler months, sweat shirts and/or sweat pants are permitted during warm-up only.


How much does it cost to register my child for dance? Three non-refundable fees are due to register your child: an annual $35 registration fee, a $100 recital fee (that provides for free and unlimited seating at the recital), and a $40 costume deposit that will be applied to your child’s costume purchase.


I can’t seem to find dance shoes at local shoe stores, can you help?  Yes.  We provide competitively priced dance shoes and clothes.  Click here for more information.


My child is not quite 3 years old, can she start dance or gymnastics?  For children 2 1/2 and up we allow a trial class, providing the child is toilet trained (no pull-ups) and can be away from parents during the class.  The class room instructor has final approval.


What does my child need to wear for gymnastics class?  In order to correct body line issues, it is necessary that the clothing worn not be too baggy.  Accordingly, we recommend a gymnastics leotard for girls.  Biker shorts-style leotards are also acceptable.  For boys, we recommend t-shirts and shorts with the t-shirt tucked in (not too baggy, please).  For safety reasons, gymnastics is performed in bare feet, therefore, anything that could cause slipping such as tights or socked feet are prohibited.


My family is moving from the area.  How do we withdraw from classes?  Please submit to the office two weeks prior to when you need to withdraw a dated note with your name, your child’s name, and your child's class day and time so we can make the appropriate adjustments.  We offer a convenient Withdrawal Form to prompt you for the information we need.  Remember that you will be billed until the effective date of written withdrawal.