Text Box: Geoffrey and the Kingdom of the Snookers

Geoffrey and the Kingdom of the Snookers by Beverlee Nichols, Brad Nichols, and Christi McClintock - the story of a little boy's adventures as he tries to find the ball he dropped down the drainpipe. 

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It was a normal day like any other.  As usual, Geoffrey was avoiding his chores, and was playing with his ball in the street.  Uh oh!”, said Geoffrey after he  dropped his ball into the storm drain.  “Aw, Man, I just got that ball- I spent all my allowance when I broke that stupid window! Now what am going to do.”


Geoffrey couldn’t be sure, but he thought he saw something moving down there.  He slowly crept toward the pipe to see what he could see.

Geoffrey thought, “What the heck was that!  Rat’s, birds, bugs?  Naw, it couldn’t be.  I must be seeing things.  Huh, I wonder if I could get down there without getting my new shorts dirty.  My mom would kill me.”


Geoffrey looked around one last time and decided to climb down the pipe to get his ball.  Down, down he went… deeper down the pipe.  To his surprise it wasn’t dark and wet though but rather glowed yellowish red and seems to be getting brighter as he continued.   He was not sure, but he thought he heard sounds of children playing.  Was that coming from up above or from below?  He rounded one last turn in the pipe and saw the opening at the end; and the sounds got even louder….

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