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Iris and the Twilight Shadows by: Michelle Cook and F. Simon Grant - the story of a little girl who finds herself in dire straights when she loses her dog.

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“Deep in the big forest on the edge of the small town lived many creatures. They didn’t know the town was there anymore than the town knew the creatures were there. It’s not that the creatures were mean, just that everyone tended to stay in their own backyards. Alexsi was definitely not in his own backyard. Iris had thrown that stick way into the forest, and Alexsi had to find it. He just had to. But the more Alexsi searched, the farther away he got from Iris. He didn’t realize just how far away he was until he came across something very unusual. There was a group of brightly colored animals playing nearby. As Alexsi moved closer, he could see that they were Butterflies. These Butterflies were not one color like the butterflies Alexsi knew from his backyard. These were Monarch butterflies, and they were brilliant shades of yellow, red, green, and pink. They were the most beautiful Monarchs Alexsi had ever seen, and they were also searching for something….”

- Michelle Cook and F. Simon Grant

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