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The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry - a story of life in the Amazon rain forest as seen through the eyes of it's various inhabitants.

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“In the Amazon rain forest it is always hot, and in that heat everything grows.  The tops of the trees in the rain forest are called the canopy.  The canopy is a sunny place that touches the sky.  The animals in that live there like lots of light.  Colorful parrots and toucans fly from tree to tree.  Monkeys leap from branch to branch.


The bottom of the rain forest is called the understory.  The animals that live in the understory like darkness.  There, silent snakes curl around hanging vines.  Graceful jaguars watch and wait.  And in this steamy environment the great Kapok tree shoots up through the forest and emerges above the canopy.  This is the story of a community of animals that lived I one such tree in the rain forest.”

             - Lynne Cherry

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