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Not sure if dance is for your child?  Consider this.  Of all the activities a child can pursue, dance does the best job of making the most connected use of mind and body.  In a study that included participants in 11 physical activities including team sports, swimming, bicycling and dance—dance was the only physical activity that benefited the brain. This was attributed to the cerebral rather than the physical aspect of dance.  The performing arts have been proven to close the gaps between the verbal and non-verbal, and between logic and emotion. 


Director Beverlee Nichols, who taught as a public school dance specialist in the Arts Infusion program in Aiken county, SC, saw first hand the benefits of  the fine arts in the lives of elementary age students.  “Our test scores in the years we taught Arts Infusion were through the roof!  We saw children who’d been non-verbal for large amounts of time literally finding their voice through the arts.   It was amazing—I would teach jazz pirouette technique (a turn on one leg), and at the same time I was adding fractions with 3rd graders.  The kids who don’t connect with what they read in a book were finally engaged in learning fractions.  It was amazing.”  The arts bridge the intangible to the concrete in a way nothing else can.  To quote a

curriculum report from the state of North Carolina, “The joy of learning becomes real, tangible, powerful!”


So you’re probably wondering why look for dance in a private studio setting?  Unfortunately, the fine arts have become a low priority in today’s public schools.  As parents, we want to look for a better way for our children to spend time that benefits their lives and brings enjoyment.  Our dance program can do just that.     

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