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Private Dance Instruction

Accelerate your learning more than twice as fast as in group dance classes.  With our deeply discounted rates for multiple lessons plus our 20 years experience, we believe we are the best deal in town. We are the only studio in the area to offer individuals' discounts, and we offer the best multiple lesson rates in the CSRA.  Our private dance lessons are one full hour sessions, not 45 or 50 minutes as in many other studios.  Consider the following benefits:

· Do you have a hectic schedule?  Lessons can be scheduled at your convenience.

· You can choose the dances you want to learn.

· You can dance to your special music.

· The pace and level of instruction are tailored to your individual learning style.  Let's face it, everyone learns at different rates.  Some people can just watch something once and get it (don't you hate that?).  Where other people learn by watching multiple times or by doing.  We are all different.  So in a private lesson we will tailor the pace and methodology to how you learn.

· Personal attention to your individual needs results in more rapid progress.

· Individual attention ensures the most rapid and thorough absorption of the material YOU want to master.  You will benefit from the undivided attention your dance instructor as we will focus on working on the subtleties you need to master, not what other students need.

· Your dance instructor will serve as an excellent mentor and example of proper dance style that can only be "felt" by  feeling the proper form and technique of a dance.

· You are much less likely to develop bad dance habits.  In a group class the instructor just does not have enough eyes to watch every student at all times and thus bad dance habits can develop under the radar.  But in a private dance class under the watchful eye of your dance instructor, he/she will be able to quickly identify and correct any errors before they develop into dreaded bad habits and form.

· Private lessons are just that, private.  If you are shy and uncomfortable with your dance skills, well private lessons are for you.  No one to see you or to judge you.  Then once you feel comfortable with your dance skills, you can join us at one of our group of social dance lessons.

· Private dance lessons are quite simply the fastest way for you to learn how to dance.


Cancellation Policy

Please give us 48 hours notice by phone if you need to cancel a lesson, in order to avoid paying for the lesson.

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