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Tap is an exciting rhythmic exercise and dance form which is enjoyable to both kids and adults. Rooted in African-American History, tap dance is a timeless art that combines dance and percussion. Tap dancers in musicals, movies, television, commercials, and concerts inspire us with their infectious rhythms. Tap Dance classes (for students 7 and up) explore the two traditions of rhythm tap (hoofing) and Broadway tap.


The goal in tap dancing is to produce clear, clean sounds, with various levels of tone. Body weight should be held slightly forward, allowing most of the dancing to be done on the balls of the feet. The knees and ankles should be relaxed at all times. Beginning tap dancers are sometimes told to dance as if they were dancing on a glass floor.




Comfortable exercise-type clothing, pants short enough to see ankles (or rolled up). Tap is an exciting form of dance in which dancers wear special shoes equipped with metal taps. Tap dancers use their feet like drums to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats. The term "tap dancing" is derived from the tapping sound produced when the small metal plates on the dancer's shoes touch a hard floor or surface.


Tap Shoes

Tap shoes are available in several different styles. Some dancers prefer flat shoes while some feel more comfortable with a heel. The most popular colors for tap shoes are black, white and beige. The shoes should fit well and be comfortable. Snug-fitting shoes are preferred over loose ones. The taps, two on each shoe, should be the same width as the heels and the toes of the shoe.


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